Jenn Minor Johannson stands out among executive coaches by seamlessly blending coaching and counseling techniques, crafting a unique approach that resonates with ambitious professionals and leaders.

Her extensive background in HR, management, and certifications in coaching and counseling paved the way for innovative methodologies, honed during advisory roles at a professional service firm and as a senior leader in a major manufacturing organization. Jenn excels in fostering meaningful discussions and delving into often-overlooked questions, igniting curiosity and providing authentic guidance to leaders, business owners, and managers. Whether navigating day-to-day operations or spearheading substantial organizational changes, Jenn serves as a steadfast coach, mentor, and confidence-builder.

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Workplace training can and should be both professional development and culture enhancement. We are both humans and professionals. By having a ‘whole’ approach to training and bringing the BIG conversations to the table, it becomes less monologue, and more dialogue. It becomes a workplace ‘shift’ rather than simply delivered training.

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