As a business owner or executive, you take on a lot. We understand you can at times feel isolated and overwhelmed. You deserve to have this be more fun, meaningful, all the while experiencing great success. Let’s make that happen together.  

What if I do?
What if I don't?

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Each month we meet as a group for a half day session from 8:30am - 1pm. The session will have an overarching theme that we will explore and will consist of discussion, breakouts, reflection time and sometimes a speaker. We will enjoy lunch together as a group and connect around our goals and shared challenges.

From work life balance, navigating change, team building and emotional intelligence, we arm you with everything that you need to ‘go back better.’

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sounding board


  • Ability to relate to your peers by having the big conversations
  • Support by a group of successful business owners and executives
  • Accountability to self (via team support)
  • Peer support on current business issues, resolution and best practices
  • Prioritize by defining your true business priorities
  • Contribute to the member’s growth with your experience and wisdom
  • Reflection as it is one of the most powerful catalysts for change
  • Ignite authenticity by moving from “have to /should”, to a place of “want”
  • Mobilizing your business and your own personal development
What if...
we assumed less
and asked more?


Boardroom is a time for me to challenge myself to become a better leader.  Jenn is an amazing facilitator,  she always pushes our strategic thinking.

Heather Adams
CEO & Co-Founder
Rock & Bloom

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