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My training and facilitation is always approached with the “less monologue, more dialogue” perspective. Training doesn’t need to be stuffy or rigid; it can be fun, relatable and motivating.

These important conversations create ‘live’ real-work application. We’ll relate each and every topic to real-life situations in your workplace and personal lives.

What if I do?
What if I don't?

Topics we'll


  • Coaching & Managing 
  • Team Building and Workplace Culture
  • Navigating & Leading through Change with Resilience 
  • Stress & Anxiety Management
  • Work Life Balance & Proactive Wellness; Making it a Reality
  • JMJ Goal Setting Framework
  • Effective Communications - can include crucial conversations & conflict
  • Emotional Intelligence - What it is and how to strengthen it 
  • Your Values; The Organizational Values and Their Alignment
  • Effective and Engaging Team Meetings
  • The Rewards of Rewarding in the Workplace
  • Project & Time Management inside ever-changing priorities
  • Mindfulness; Meditation, Lifestyle, Work, Eating & Relationships
What if...
we assumed less
and asked more?


Jenn's ability to speak about difficult subjects and show up authentically carries great weight of her knowledge and ability to teach and share.

Chelsea Stebner
Managing Partner
Parr Autobody

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